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Tips & Advice

Here are some tips to share with you on the best possible care for your car.

Daily Care

Before driving your car every day, pre-operational inspections are recommended.

1. Fluid Checks


Regular fluid level check in between maintenance interval is recommended.
Ensure the car is parked on level ground before the checking.Fluid check point includes,
1. Engine oil level
2. Brake and clutch fluid level
3. Power steering fluid level
4. Engine coolant level
5. Transmission fluid level
6. Windshield washer fluid level

For fluid location and checking procedure, please refer to your owner's manual.


2. Tire Pressures

Owners are encouraged to check their vehicle's tire pressure once a month when tires are cold, which is the car has been parked for at least 3 hours and hasn't been driven for more than 1.6 km. Tires pressure is range from 210(30) - 230(33) kPa(PSI) depends on tire size. Please refer to tire label located at driver side center pillar.

3. Tire Tread Depth

The original tires on your car have tread wear indicators. The tread wear indicators appear when the tread reaches 1.6mm and tires need to be replaced in order to reduce possibility of losing control, especially during driving on slippery road surface. Always replace your tires with recommended size. Please refer owner's manual for more information.

4. Battery Care

The battery and connections should be inspected at every regular scheduled maintenance interval. Your vehicle has a maintenance- free, calcium based battery. If the battery becomes discharged in short time (for example the headlights or interior lights were left on while the vehicle was not in use), recharge it by slow charging (trickle) for 10 hours. If the battery gradually discharges because of high electric load while the vehicle is being used, recharge it at 20- 30A for two hours.

5. Fuel Efficiency

* Inflate your tires pressure according to manufacturer's recommendation.
* Avoid excess weight as every extra 45kg you carry in your car, your fuel efficiency can drop by 1-2%.
* Avoid excessive idling and over-revving.
* Service your vehicle by changing worn out spark plugs and engine oil recommended by the manufacturer

6. For further help or advice

If you have questions about regular maintenance plase ask our Service Advisor at 653273 or refer to Vehicle Owner's Manul for what is recommended for your model.