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Why you should check your car regularly?

By maintaining your vehicle at the recommended mileage service intervals, you can be assured that your Hyundai will give you many reliable miles down the road. It is always more convenient and cost effective to perform regular scheduled maintenance than to delay maintenance, possibly leading to serious or costly major repairs.
Regular inspection and maintenance by skilled Hyundai technicians is the key to more efficient operation of the vehicle.

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Service PackagesSPA Package

A   Engine oil change
B   Auto Trans oil change
C   Manual Trans oil change (Synthetic)
D   Flush Radiator and add Coolant
E   Air-Conditioner cleaning
F   Computerized Wheel Alignment
G   Flush Brake fluid, Clutch** and Bleed System
H   Flush Power Steering fluid and Bleed System
I   Manual Car Wash
J   Polishing and Waxing of Vehicle
K   Side slip test – Adjustment and Centralizing Steering
L   Tyres Rotation & Balancing
M   Timing belt change package
N   Fuel filter change
O   Fan belt change (Timing chain model)

Service Package

Interval 5000 km

1 Change Engine Oil
    Engine Oil Filter
    Gasket-Oil Plug
    Air Cleaner Element (Clean/Replace)
2 Under hood Transmission Oil Level
  Check/ Brake Fluid Level
  Correct/ Power Steering Fluid Level
  Lubricate Clutch Fluid Level
    Cooling System Water Level
    Windscreen Washer Tank Level
    Battery Water Level (for wet Battery) and Battery Terminal
    Drive Belts/Tension V-Belts (Adjust/Replace)
    Water Hoses and Pipes Condition
    Power Steering Hoses and Pipes
    Engine Mountings
    Fuel Lines & Connections
3 External Check/ Washer Nozzles
  Correct/ Door Hinges, Bonnet Catch, Lock/Latches
  Lubricate Tyres Condition & Pressure
    Wiper Blade
    Clutch Pedal Free Play
4 Diagnostic Check Engine Management System
5 Electrical Check Lighting System/Bulbs
    Battery & Charging Rate
    Horn Operation
    Power Windows Operation
    Central Locking Operation
    Electrical Wing Mirrors

Interval 10,000 km & 20,000 km

6 Suspension & Steering Rack & Pinion, Ball Joint, Tie-rod, Dust Cover
  Steering System Shock Absorber, Arm and Linkages
7 Renew Coolant Spark plugs (Gasoline Engine System)
8 Suspension and Under Inspect Under-carriage Bolts & Nuts
  Under Vehicular Wheel Bearings
  Check Drive Shaft, Dirve Shaft Dust Cover
    Exhaust Pipes & Mountings
9 Brakes Check Service and Adjust Four Wheel Brakes
    Adjust Hand Brake/Cables/Linkages
    Brake Pads and Shoe Condition (Clean/Replace)
    Brake Line Pipes & Hoses
    Disc Rotors & Brake Drums
    Brake Caliper/Wheel Cylinders

Recommended Service Interval

Car Wash

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Pleae visit to our Hyundai Service every 5,000 km to get Regular Maintenance Service and free inspection for your valuable vehicles.